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Loving, playful, fun

Female Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Location: Rouse Hill, NSW

Age: 7 months

Adoption fee: $250

Coat: Medium

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Microchip number: 953010004340851

Mavis is an outgoing, friendly cat who loves human company and attention. Mavis is very playful, she will happily play by herself with shoe laces and with mice attached to a string. She is small in size and her fur is beautifully soft - she often purrs when she is petted.

She isn't a lap cat, but she follows her foster carers from room to room and loves to sleep on the bed at night. She is very affectionate towards humans and it took her only a couple of weeks to become affectionate with the three other male cats she is living with, greeting them with head rubs. Mavis makes adorable little chirp noises to greet her foster carers and enjoys laying on a rug in front of the TV when they are watching it.

She will go outside but doesn't wander beyond the garden and usually wants to come back inside pretty quickly unless her carers are out there. She does not like the rain or cold and will not follow her foster brothers outside when the weather is bad and would not be suited to someone who wants a mostly outdoor cat.

Mavis has learnt to use the litter tray perfectly and though she is very agile, never climbs on the kitchen counters (unlike her cheeky foster brother). Age is just a number to Mavis who often gets zoomies at night running around as fast as she can.

Mavis was rescued from a life on the streets and is looking better each day, she was clearly someone's pet at some point though we don't know how long she had been surviving on the streets for.

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