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Bee is always up for an adventure and loves nothing more than exploring her surroundings, with a curious mind and a playful heart. Whether it's chasing after toys or investigating every nook and cranny of your home, she'll keep you entertained with her boundless energy and enthusiasm. 

But Bee isn't just about play—she's also a devoted companion who loves to follow you around and be by your side. With her friendly and sociable nature, she'll make sure you never feel alone and always have a furry friend to share your adventures with. 

If you're looking for a sweet and playful companion to brighten your days, Bee could be the perfect match for you! 


Age, Approx Jan 2024

Available for Adoption Since, March 2024

Microchipped - Yes, 991003002587964

Desexed - Yes 

Vaccinated - No due to shortage

Wormed  - Yes 


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