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Meet Esme, a loving and gentle young mother cat with a sweet disposition. Her dream is to be your constant companion, basking in warmth and affection. Esme's nurturing nature extends not only to her kittens but also to other pets, making her an ideal fit for a multi-animal household. She enjoys cozying up next to you on the couch, purring contentedly as she keeps you company. Esme seeks a family that will shower her with love and attention, promising in return quiet companionship and unwavering loyalty. If you're searching for a tranquil and affectionate feline companion, Esme could be the perfect match to fill your home with love. Step into Esme's world today and experience the warmth of her presence firsthand.

Age, DOB EST February 2023

Available for Adoption Since, Feb 26, 2024. 

Microchipped - Yes, 991003002481677

Desexed - Yes 

Vaccinated - no due to shortage 

Wormed  - Yes


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