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Meet Geri, an adorable calico with a big heart and a talent for showing affection through her biscuit-making skills. Known as a "pocket rocket" for her energetic and enthusiastic nature, Geri eagerly seeks closeness with her chosen family, often stumbling over herself in excitement. Whether playing or cuddling, Geri's petite size belies her immense spirit, bringing joy and laughter to any home. Raised with other pets, she's ready to seamlessly integrate into a loving household that values her loving and vibrant personality. If you're looking for a devoted companion who thrives on affectionate interactions, Geri is eager to join your family and share her boundless love.


Age, Approx November 4th

Available for Adoption Since, Feb 26th 2024

Microchipped - Yes, 991003002481673

Desexed - Yes 

Vaccinated - No due to shortage

Wormed  - Yes 


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