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Meet Grace, a delicate and reserved feline beauty with a heart that's endured more than its fair share. At approximately 12-15 months old, Grace's journey has been marked by hardship, but beneath her initial shyness lies a world of untapped affection waiting to blossom.

She arrived at our doorstep with her adorable kitten, Mochi. The duo, had been scavenging for scraps behind restaurants. This charming little lady requires a patient and understanding companion willing to give her the time she needs to fully acclimate. Grace may initially retreat, but the reward of earning her trust is immeasurable.

In the early days, Grace's protective instincts were evident as she kept her head buried in the safety of her caregiver's elbow. It took weeks, almost until the arrival of her precious kittens, for her to venture out and explore her surroundings. Her room became a sanctuary, and she only emerged once her little ones had entered the world.

Now, as a mother, Grace has found her voice and is learning to balance independence with the responsibilities of parenthood. While she may not spend copious amounts of time socialising, she tolerates the company of others.

In essence, Grace is a testament to the transformative power of patience and compassion. A forever home that understands the nuances of her journey thus far will be rewarded with the affection of a feline soul that has weathered storms and emerged with a heart ready to love and be loved.​

Age, Estimated to be born in early 2022

Available for Adoption Since August 2023

Microchipped - Yes. 900164002238532

Desexed - Yes 

Vaccinated - No, due to vaccine shortage,

they will be Vaccinated ASAP 

Wormed  - Yes


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