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Here are some of the cats & kittens who have found their fur-ever home through Hills Cat Rescue!

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Kathy, Adopted Frankie on 14.08.21

“I adopted Frankie (who was originally known as Bean) during a very difficult time in my life. It was the 14th of August 2021 and he was roughly 2 months old. As soon as I met Frankie I instantly fell in love with his beautiful face and big green eyes. Frankie is my shadow and has been since the day I brought him home - 2 and a half years ago. He has given me the strength to make decisions and overcome the hard times just by being the loving affectionate cat that he is. Adopting Frankie is one of the best decisions I ever made, he makes me very happy.. my heart is very full ❤️ Like all cats Frankie enjoys napping and snacking...he also enjoys sitting in his window seat to observe the outside world. He likes watching cat tv and visits/wrestling with his cat friend Bugsy. Frankie enjoys playing soccer and fetch with the balls and also sneaking peek a boo with me which normally ends in hyped up zoomies. Frankie is quite intelligent, he understands the word kiss in both English and Arabic and will headbutt you for a kiss when he hears the word. When Frankie himself wants kisses he will rub his nose back and forth on your face until you kiss him. He understands when you say it's bedtime and will jump on to the bed and wait for you to lay down before wiggling under the blankets and resting his head on the pillow beside you.
Thank you Hills Cat Rescue for saving my baby ❤️"

Alexandra, Adopted Luna in 2021

"When we first got Luna after she had been desexed she ended up getting an infection and The Hills cat Rescue helped take care of her and covered all costs for her and I will be so forever grateful. She is such a beautiful cat who loves people and will do anything for a pat.."
Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 12.50.47 am.png

Anna, Foster Carer

“ I absolutely love Fostering with Hill Cat Rescue, Cindy is so kind and knowledgeable. They really care and that's the difference between Hills Cat Rescue and other foster agencies. The team of foster carers are so kind and will which answers any and all question, there is never any judgement. Than we have an incredible vet, Susan, which is so kind and available to help. Fostering has given me a passion that i'm so grateful for  "
You can read more about my Jounrney and the cats i foster here

Sharon, Adopted Gigi in 2022

“When we first met Gigi we were about to go into lockdown and she was so sick and tiny she could fit in the palm of Brad’s hand, even though she was 8 weeks old (from memory) and also had ringworm on her tail. Now she’s a naughty little bundle of energy and brings us joy every day. She’s still small but as Cindy described her, she’s tiny but mighty. No Christmas tree is safe, she lets us know every night when it’s time to go to bed, and she loves posing on her play tower for attention. And she always gets it ❤️"

Ashley, Adopted Pip in 2022

"We adopted Pip in 2021, and upon arriving home we both got Covid! He was our little covid baby. He’s absolutely our first born son and we love him to bits. He’s super chatty, playful and has a huge attitude. Our gorgeous boy!"

Ashley, Adopted Ethel Sarah in November of 2022

“I contacted the Facebook page and the first cat they recommended was Ethel. She was very shy initially and after a few months, she warmed up to us and has been very sweet and loving. She's the reason why I get up in the morning and I love her so much.”

If you're ready for the big commitment, we have cats & kittens keen to find their fur-ever homes!

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